Metal Working

Kanefusa Metal Cutting Tools

Kanefusa supplies a complete range of cutting tools for Metal, Aluminum, Stainless steel, pipe sawing and so on. We propose comprehensive cutting technology. Our saw blades, cutters, machine knives and other cutting tools for metals, are engineered to the highest industrial standards and satisfied users all around the world testify the reliability of our products.

New Products

New product tools and saw blades.

For processing automobile parts
(for primary processing)

PCD tools for processing materials for automobile parts.

For processing automobile parts
(for secondary processing)

PCD tools for high precision machining for the finishing process of automobile parts.

Solid Metal Sawing
(Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel)

FM (Ferro Max) Cold Saw Blades suitable for cutting Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel.

Tube & Pipe Sawing

FM (Ferro Max) Cold Saw Blades suitable for cutting Tube & Pipe.

Non-Ferrous Metal Sawing

Circular saw suitable for cutting aluminum materials and mold materials.


Supporting round bar material in grinding process for bearing and shaft manufacturing.
Cutting oil for Cold saw blades