Wood Working

Kanefusa Woodworking Cutting Tools

Whether in primary industry, solid wood processing, board processing or handcraft: woodwork-processing tools from Kanefusa achieve the highest conceivable level of quality, functionality and efficiency in all disciplines. Our "Advanced Material Technology" coating, the use of new cutting materials and tooth shapes as well as the tool design and, of course, greater precision in production are the keys to product advantages that no other manufacturer is able to provide: drastically extended tool life, constant high cutting quality, effective noise reduction, greater efficiency and profitability.

Board processing (sawing/routing)

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Panel Processing
Kitchen & Bath Room Furniture Manufacturing
Furniture Component Manufacturing
Laminate Floor Manufacturing
Exterior and Interior Door Manufacturing


Super Board Pro III

The highest grade carbide tip is used to decrease chipping and i ncrease wear resistance.Longer life time for particle board and MDF. Advanced design of vibration damping slits for a cleaner cut.New and improved panel sawblade.

Board Pro NEO

For cutting raw and laminated board on table saw.
Even and straight saw plate. Vibration damping elements. Tipped with highly durable tungsten carbide grade.

ECO Saw Blade

Hollow Face Panel Sizing Saw Blade
Sizing of panels in single sheets and stacks in finish cut quality.

DIA V-tech

Finish Cut Panel Sizing Saw Blade
Cutting force is well in balance allowing a truer run out and better cut quality.
Because of the sharp cutting edge, good cut quality on the bottom of the board is obtained.

Nova panel

PCD Saw Blade
Reduce cutting resistance and increase wear resistance. Increase or maintain feeding speed with less cutting resistance. Stay sharp longer with reduction of dart or resin adhesion.

Cosmo Bit

PCD tipped Router Bit
Alternative shear angle leads to a good cut quality on both top and bottomside of the board.Suitable for sizing, rabbeting and grooving.