Wood Working

Kanefusa Woodworking Cutting Tools

Whether in primary industry, solid wood processing, board processing or handcraft: woodwork-processing tools from Kanefusa achieve the highest conceivable level of quality, functionality and efficiency in all disciplines. Our "Advanced Material Technology" coating, the use of new cutting materials and tooth shapes as well as the tool design and, of course, greater precision in production are the keys to product advantages that no other manufacturer is able to provide: drastically extended tool life, constant high cutting quality, effective noise reduction, greater efficiency and profitability.

Solid wood Cutting for Secondary processing (sawing/routing)

*Our Customers----
Planing Mills
Truss and Beam Manufacturing
Window and Door Manufacturing
Staircase Manufacturing
Furniture Manufacturing
Chair and Upholstery Manufacturing
Parquet Floor Manufacturing
Composite Floor Manufacturing


Timber Max

Heavy duty rip saw blade
Excellent cut qualityExtremely straight and even body ""Tough Black"" coating available uponrequest.Tipped with highly durable and even reduce smaintenance time for flattening and straightening.

Yield Pro

Thin kerf saw blade
In average 20% thinner than conventional saw blades.Tremendous materials saving of material reduction of recycling cost .Runs quieter and cuts cleaner.

SF Saw Blade

Glueline Saw Blade
Special tooth shape enables a nearly knife mark free cut finish. Subsequent sanding or planing can be reduced or eliminated.

SF Saw Blade HV Type

Ripping solid wood in glueline
Smooth surface without tooth mark.
Complete vibration damping by special tooth geometry and irregular gullet design.


Solid HC-UP Bit
Outlasts conventional carbide bits up to 4 times. aMT cutting edge design enables a smooth finish. (Download page:P.88)

Board Point Drill Bit

Brad Point Drill Bit for truss, beam manufacturing
Hardened body withstands bending even under heaviest loads.Coated flutes lead to an excellent chip evacuation.(Download page:P.101)"